SITS response teams, forest fire fighters and resources throughout Sweden.
Today, the SITS initial response teams work internationally fighting forest fires in Europe.


Our experienced staff are specially trained to deal with controlled burnings and forest fires.

We offer training to rescue services and other entrepreneurs for burning who need further training.

Our experience from the municipal rescue services, controlled burnings and our international work gives us a unique base to train from.

With well-trained and competent people in the vicinity a small forest fire does not need to become a major fire or an expensive affair for the forest owner when he or she takes over the responsibility from the emergency services.

We offer our programs to:

  • Land and forest companies.
  • Forest owners.
  • Rescue service.
  • Forest Entrepreneurs.
  • County Boards.
  • Insurance companies

We offer the following training:

  • Planning and implementation of controlled burning.
  • Extinguishing and monitoring
  • Preventing the occurrence of fire during machine work in the forest and surrounding environment
  • Extinguishing and monitoring during forest fire
  • Medical treatment training.
  • Other fire safety training

Please contact us for information about your specific training needs