SITS response teams, forest fire fighters and resources throughout Sweden.
Today, the SITS initial response teams work internationally fighting forest fires in Europe.

SITS Resource Coordinator

Emergency number +46725-676 200 - The ONLY number necessary.

SITS i Sverige AB offers the service -  RESOURCE SUPPORT during a forest fire. 

A resource support during forest fires means that two of the SITS resource coordinators are made available at the management's disposal. SITS Resource Coordinators are staff from SITS i Sverige AB's organization who with their experience and knowledge can support the incident commander during the operation. 

SITS resource coordinators perform analyses of weather in office and out in the field and convey expertise based on the needs that arise. The SITS Resource Coordinator uses their experience from other major forest fires, and the experiences drawn from the analyses of completed operations, in combination with their own education and their own experiences in order to provide a complete perspective.   

SITS resource coordinators arrange contacts with experts in various fields of special expertise, helicopters, tank trucks, personnel, field hospitals, livestock transports etc.

SITS Resource Team

SITS i Sverige AB can as the only supplier in Sweden offer educated and well-trained response teams that will be available to the municipal rescue management services.

During the forest fire in Västmanland 2014, the team of SITS i Sverige AB provided front-edge competence, and were called upon as the first external resource. 

Already during the Friday, the SITS resource team were on their way to the fire.

Employees of SITS i Sverige AB conducted protective burnings and protected property and communities during the forest fire in Västmanland.