SITS response teams, forest fire fighters and resources throughout Sweden.
Today, the SITS initial response teams work internationally fighting forest fires in Europe.

About us

SITS i Sverige AB has great resources working both nationally and internationally.

We are the only company in Scandinavia that, during a controlled burn, use specially trained forest firefighters with expertise and experience to handle all the phases of a burning.

Unlike others who carry out controlled burnings in Sweden we do not use lumberjacks, but well-trained forest firefighters. Our forest firefighters have long and extensive training.

Our staff works abroad before and after the Swedish season.

For SITS i Sverige AB there are no unforeseen events.

SITS i Sverige AB has the only burning teams that monitor the burning at such a close range that we build a base camp in direct connection to the object. You should confidently be able to put your forest in our hands throughout the duration of the controlled burning.

During the forest fire in Västmanland 2014, the team of SITS i Sverige AB provided excellence, and were called upon as the first external resource. Already on the Friday, the SITS response teams were on their way to the fire.

SITS i Sverige AB's response team manager was a part of the so-called analysis group and carried out weather analysis for the staff.